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IDEOM active working groups participate in the annual meeting and work towards the IDEOM mission:

  • To establish patient-centered measurements to enhance research and treatment for those with dermatologic disease
  • Perspectives of patients, health economists, payers, physicians and regulatory agencies are included from the onset
  • To to establish validated and standardized outcome measures that satisfy the needs of all stakeholders and can be applied to clinical research and clinical practice

Interested in creating a workgroup?

Join a community of like-minded researchers and stakeholders as we workfor the establishment of patient-centric outcomes to enhance the research and treatment of dermatological conditions. Let IDEOM be the administrative arm of your workgroup! Learn more about working with IDEOM here.

IDEOM welcomes applications for new workgroups.

Upon completion of the Workgroup Application Form, the application will be sent to the IDEOM Board of Diretors for approval. Once approved, build a stakeholder workgroup and raise money for your group (with the help of IDEOM).

IDEOM is here to provide support every step of the way! IDEOM staff will provide administrative support including tracking and maintaining your sponsor relationships, stakeholders, and finances. This allows the Workgroups to pursue the work of the workgroups!

Download our interactive instructional .pdf on How To Become a Workgroup with IDEOM.


Learn more about each Workgroup by visiting the links below:

Google Groups allow you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with other Workgroup Members. You can share documents, pictures, calendars, invitations and other resources.

All IDEOM Workgroup Members have been invited to participate in our new Google Groups. If you have not received notification to sign up please contact

Download instructions on how to access your Google Group