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Corporate sponsorship to support IDEOM for 2023 is open!

We respectfully request your corporate sponsorship support. The Corporate sponsorship packages are outlined in this application and are valid for one year (2023). We will be announcing the dates of the 2023 annual meeting soon. All our Industry corporate sponsors are invited to attend the annual meeting and actively participate per the sponsorship benefits outlined in this request application.

International Dermatology Outcome Measures (IDEOM) is working to establish patient-centered measurements to enhance research and treatment of those with dermatological diseases. Our priority is to create meaningful endpoints for use in clinical trials that can carry over into clinical practice, taking into account the needs of patients, providers, researchers, payers, and regulators.

IDEOM recognizes the inconsistency and unmet needs in current tools and measurements, and together with relevant stakeholders, including clinicians, methodologists, patients, pharmaceutical colleagues, insurers, regulatory agencies, and policy regulators, our goal is to address these gaps in clinical endpoints.

We thank you for your consideration and hope to see you at the annual meeting, where the voice of our industry stakeholders is important.