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I would like to thank Dr. Alice Gottlieb for the best birthday gift ever that just happened this year on May 21...The gift of being able to bend, walk, reach, and go out to dinner with out such indescribable pain. Last year in April I was accepted into the Clinical Trial for HS...Dr Caroline Campbell was my administrative doctor. At that time I could not reach my arms up, had 16 wounds that required 6 showers. a day just to relieve pain and clean the dressing each one of the wounds eadh time..with a whopper under my left armpit that was an open ,secreting wound the size of a plum...groin, backside, under breasts, right arm..It was so painful,...and a challenge to see and feel myself in such a state. After many misdiagnosis,mistakes and guesses in treatments I was able to come upon Dr. Alice Gottlieb and her incredible breakthroughs in Dermatology. So upon following up with Mt Sinai and making an appointment Step one on this miraculous journey happened. Then after being examined and evaluated I was presented as a possible participant in the Clinical Trials on HS that have been quite advanced. Well upon seeing the extreme degree of my condition I was so overwhelmed at the kindness and extreme care and concern for my horrible state.

From that date til now it has been a life changing journey in dedication, care, reduction of pain and my bi weekly appointments were events that I so looked forward to.

Connecting and sharing observations, seeing and feeling the success of the medications and learning so much about what sacrifices, dedications and determination to make people feel and heal in body and spirit...So now for my birthday, I almost have my life back...DR. GOTTLIEB I will never be able to thank you enough for changing my life for the better, healing my wounds, managing this horrible disease. I so want to share this because people need to know of your brilliance, dedication, ability to discover and cultivate such caring teams to go forward with such as Dr. Caroline Campbell.

THANK YOU FOR MY BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER...A HEALING PAIN RELIEVED LIFE. Since I can not be at the IDEOM event, perhaps my experience will be my part of gratitude for your incredible breakthrus.

I will always be a supporter and testament in support of your care and efforts.

-Athena Ehlert, Patient Research Partner